~ An Hour With You~

I Owe It All To Him

As I approach Your Throne of Grace
O God in heaven above
I find that quiet and secret place
Iíve come to know and love

Itís where I lay my burdens down
And listen to Your voice
Itís where I cry and sometimes frown
And then I just rejoice

Itís at this time I come to grips
With truth and deep conviction
While traveling on this trip of trips
Iím in Your jurisdiction

I cannot count on things Iíve done
I find no comfort there
My only Hope is in Your Son
Heís Sovereign everywhere

Because of what He did for me
Iíll never be the same
He bought my soul at Calvary
O Praise His Precious Name

And so today I gladly say
Iím under Your control
You thrill my life in every way
And satisfy my soul

You lift my spirits to the sky
O Bright and Morning Star
My every need You do supply
How Wonderful You Are !!!

© Jim Lake

Psalm 34:8
Oh, put God to the test
and see how kind He is! See for yourself
the way His mercies shower down on all
who trust in Him.


Music: "In His Loving Care"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission