~ An Hour With You~

As the familiar sound,
Comes from the skies,
I lift my hands in praise,
Tears flow from my eyes.

I hear Thy voice Oh Lord,
As You gently speak to me,
I heed Your loving words,
Hear whispers of things to be.

I see the plight of a neighbor,
Revelations evoke pain,
Helplessness has overtaken,
Through prayer, solace I claim.

I hear the cries of sadness,
From hearts aching and broken,
I'll relate the words of Jesus,
A loving peace is thus spoken.

I feel the doubt around me,
Unbelieving souls emitted,
I will shine the Light of God,
His promise, love committed.

Lead me Lord in Thy path,
As I look to You for insight,
Guide each step of the way,
Overshadow me in Thy Light.

I yield to You Dear Father,
Your sweet love I truly know,
Praying Oh blessed Jesus,
My life, will a Godly love show.

Gayle Davis©
19 March 2006


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Snow script courtesy of Altan
It can also be found at Dynamic Drive

Music: "Heard From Afar"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.