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I'm Satisfied With Jesus

My heart rejoices greatly,
For I'm satisfied with Jesus love,
No other can fill my heart,
With the love that Jesus does.

I can see Him in the morning sunrise,
And the breeze that softly blows.
Though we can't see the wind,
We see the evidence of where it goes.

It's just another wonder,
That God has given man,
More blessings for His children,
That only comes from God's dear plan.

I give Him all the glory,
For all things on this earth,
And coming as my Savior,
By the miraculous Virgin birth.

Yes, I'm satisfied with Jesus,
He means the world to me.
Without the shedding of His blood,
Where would my soul be?

©Faye Reyenga
4 / 26 / 2006©

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