~ An Hour With You~

I'm Not Worthy Lord

Iím not worthy Lord, of Your Love and grace,
You are always so loving, kind and gracious,
You willingly took my place,
But Iím not worthy Lord, not worthy of Your Grace!

You are so beautiful, as I look upon Your face,
My precious Lord, I just have to whisper Your name,
With outstretched arms waiting when I call,
Iím always lifted up, You never let me fall!

Lord You always send many Blessings,
Even when we go our own way,
I thank You Jesus for Your Love and care,
As You allow me; Your Love to share!

Looking forward to sit at Your table,
You have so much prepared for me,
What a wonderful Friend I find in Jesus,
To willingly lay down His life for me!

©2004 Bernice Ward

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Music: "He Did This For You"
Grace Street Music
Words And Music By: Bill Warg
Used with permission