~ An Hour With You~

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Hey-ol' Man

What are you dreamin' of, old partner of mine?
Are you schemin' of a Mack truck on the line?
Workin' that Jake brake on top of a hill?
Gearin' down to descend Monteagle's "Real Kill?"

Are you runnin' along old Route 66?
Maybe havin' a "jabberwock" with your team mates for kicks?
Yeah there's Harve and Glenn and Bob and Matt,
You could leave 'em in your dust in no time flat.

Are you haulin' the nitro over Tallulah Gulch
Hopin' and prayin' you don't turn to mulch?
Well old friend, you made it thru'-
now look at what life has brought you to.

This grizzled ol' man asleep in his la-z-boy
Who defied danger driving his Mack toy,
Who's been to Hell and came charging back-
From Omaha Beach to the cab of his Mack--

This is my heart, and my soul and my life,
Happy Valentine's Day-with love from your wife

Betty C. Daniels
Feb. 14/06

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Music: "You Belong To My Heart"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
Used With Permission