~An Hour With You~

Here's Lookin Atcha

Here's lookin atcha kiddo,
Remember where you saw me last,
Down by the cypress creek,
Feed time was approaching fast.

You stood there and gave a moo,
I was so smitten by the looks of you.
No bull has ever held his head so straight,
Lowing as sweetly as that eveningís moo.

Oh yes this heifer was swooning,
At the sound of the moos,
Coming across the pasture,
From one good looking bull too.

I know you will grow into a graceful bull,
Dominating the pasture, you will be king,
I hope you take notice and remember me,
I lead the fan club and your praises we sing.

Well here's looking atcha,
Across the pasture so green,
You're still the cutest little bull,
This heiferís ever seen.

Gayle Davis©
November 23, 2005

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Music: "Hey Good Lookin"
Will Campbell "Mostly Country"
Original MIDI Music Sequences

Used With Permission