~ An Hour With You~

I see a glow from the heavens,
It is an angel from God's Band,
She is waiting patiently for Him,
To give her His latest command.

She glows in all of her glory,
Blessed by the Father above,
Draped in His forever goodness,
Beneath a halo of pure love.

Eagerly awaiting the Lord,
Each journey is ever so dear,
She works diligently in love,
Giving peace in place of fear.

Drying tears from eyes of sadness,
Holding infants suffering in pain,
Leaving footprints along life's path,
For the lost to come home again.

Heaven's glow is always ready,
Wings prepared for new flight,
Bringing love to the disheartened,
Through God's grace giving insight.

©Gayle Davis
09 February 2006




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Music: "Heavwn Sent An Angel To Me"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission