~ An Hour With You~

He Shed His Blood

Jesus, shed your blood through me
Let it flow as that day on Calvary
For You, let my days be spent
May I ever rejoice,
By heavens loving scent
Each and every hour
Let my heart cease not in prayer.

Give me strength to endure
Whatever the gale that may come near
Keep me safe and secure
For in Thee I'll have no fear.

I'll tell of You, that calms the storm
The One that keeps us safe from harm
Jesus, shed Your blood through me
That all may see there's victory in Thee.

On the cross of Calvary
For me, You bore great shame
Give me strength, Lord
That for You I may own Your name.

So willingly You bore great pain
From the nails the dripping blood came
Jesus, the brightness of God's glory
What devotion stirs in my heart
To hear Easter's humble story.

As the spear pierced in Jesus side
Opened the fountain unto King David
Of crystal living waters to abide
Lord, from Your holy mountain
Let Your spirit flow of new wine
Let Your hills flow with sweetest milk
That I may worship You in Zion.

Jesus, made higher than the angels
Crowned with honor, will I glorify
May Your flame of fire be nigh
That by my love and kindness
I will draw sinners unto Thee
By the daily life I live
Shed your blood through me.

Danna Robinette©


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Music: "Amazing Grace"
Courtesy Of Lassen Technologies
Used With Permission