~ An Hour With You~

He Is In Control

While lying in my bed,
So quite and warm and still,
I can hear the splatter of the raindrops,
Splashing on my window sill.

The Dogwood Trees are now in bloom,
And it amazes me to see,
How such a lovely blossom,
Can come from just a tree.

All flowers blooming in the spring,
Is a miracle to behold.
The beauty of them all,
Worth more than all earthís gold.

The lightning streaks across the sky,
And the roar of thunder loud,
Opens up the view of heaven,
And the power of the clouds.

And all the while Iím safe inside,
I feel not any fear,
For the one who sent this storm,
Is staying very near.

He sends the sun and sends the storms,
Into the world in every land,
To show Heís in control,
His power to every man.

Faye Reyenga ©
March 21, 2006



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Music: "Softly And Tenderly"

Used With Permission
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