~ An Hour With You~

The love of Jesus reaches for you,
He tastes and sees all things at hand,
He is the compassionate Savior,
Reach high and hold His hand to stand.

Jesus holds the whole world in His hands,
He calls people while sowing seed,
To love and nourish into blossoms,
Growing miracles is His need.

Reach to take Jesus’ hand with your heart,
Look for Him with faith and not sight,
Know He’s there waiting because He loves,
And hold His hand with all your might.

He is a loving Lord calling you,
As He plants seeds of joy and mirth,
He’s the Creator of the whole world,
You and me and heaven and Earth.

Yes He holds the whole world in His Hands,
For He loves to do such great things,
Like saving your soul from this point on,
His amazing grace truly rings.

The love of Jesus reaches for you,
He holds your hand more than you know,
He's reaching to love you without end,
He's growing miracles to flow.

©Sondra McPherson
03 April 2006



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Music: "In His Loving Care"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission