~ An Hour With You~

Have Faith

Godís beauty surrounds us every day,
Everything has a season,
And whether it be gladness or grief,
Have faith God knows the reason.

He loves us and knows all our troubles,
Because we have known His Name,
We love and honor Him before all,
Have faith God saves all the same.

Godís beauty is a haven each day,
He creates blooms beauteous,
Heís pleased to make us His own people,
Have faith God sustains wondrous.

He makes all things beautiful in time,
And makes things new at first light,
And for everlasting He loves us,
Have faith God has us in sight.

Godís beauty glows as a shining light,
He gave the gift of His Son,
Since we receive His life, joy and peace,
Have faith God loves us each one.

To Him we belong by His sweet grace,
And He appeases each soul,
He is the beauty we greet each day,
Have faith God loves us all whole.

©Sondra McPherson
27 December 2005

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