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"The Great Spirit is in all things,
he is in the air we breathe.
The Great Spirit is our Father,
but the Earth is our Mother.
She nourishes us, that which
we put into the ground
she returns to us...."

Big Thunder (Bedagi)
Wabanaki Algonquin


In his worn moccasins and a wrinkled worried brow,
on this hot dry summers night he seeks for rain.
Mother Earth gravely needs to quench her dying thirst.
It has been weeks since the last rainfall,
and life begins to slowly wither.

He stokes up the sacred fire.
He pleads through song to The Creator,
to release the Thunderbirds.
For they will surely bring the rain.

He patiently awaits his answer.
Suddenly a loud thundering sound,
interrupts his sacred words of song.
Out from the thunder the torrent rains fall upon Mother Earth.

From the Heavens lightning streaks across the blackened sky.
With opened arms he raises them towards the Heavens.
As the thunder crashes and the lightning flashes,
his darkened silhouette kneels in

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey
January 8, 2006

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Music: "Buffalo Dance"
Native American Midi By: OthelloBloke

Used With Permission


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