~An Hour With You~

A dove outside on my window ledge,
it makes a sad and mournful cry.
Waking me, all by myself,
I lay and whimper a trembling sigh.

A love that was to last a life time,
and be forever more.
You said you'd be there always,
and me, at one time you did adore.

You were all I ever wanted,
and my heart was yours to take.
But that no longer does exist,
how could you, our love forsake.

Lonely, lost and saddened,
the tears begin to flow.
How badly that you have hurt me,
that satisfaction, you will never know.

I grasp and hug your pillow tight,
you no longer by my side.
Drowning in my own tears,
from the millions that I've cried.

Out the window and past the dove,
I toss your yellow rose.
In my book, the chapter of our love,
I now sadly close.

No longer shall I cry,
like that heartbroken mourning dove.
I will be strong and dry my tears,
while my heart says,
Goodbye My Love.

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey






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Music: "Without You"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission


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