~ An Hour With You~

Goin Fishin

"How about doing some fishing son,
come on....what do you say."
With the warm sun shining brightly,
it was a perfect day.

Johnny beamed a big bright smile,
"Sure dad you can count me in".
"Who'll catch the biggest fish,
I bet-cha I will win."

Johnny gathered up his tackle,
and his fishing pole.
Excitement mounted as they headed off,
to their favorite fishing hole.

As father and son went along their way,
their laughter filled the air.
It wasn't about the fish they'd catch,
but the time together, they would share.

It wasn't their typical outing,
like so many times before.
The time had finally come,
Johnny's dad, no longer could ignore.

They were making memories,
so that one day Johnny could look back upon.
You see, that one day very soon,
Johnny's dad would be forever gone.

Trying to find the right time,
and with a lump inside his throat.
Memorizing the words of his speech,
to Johnny he began to quote.

"Son, there are things in life,
that we totally have no control of."
"And no matter what happens remember,
you, I'll always love".

"Heaven will soon be my home,
and there is nothing I can do".
"Mommy and you will need each other,
to help you both to make it through".

Johnny stood there silent,
and covered up his ears.
This, he wanted no part of,
and certainly he didn't want to hear.

Johnny turned and fled,
and ran as fast as he could run.
With his dad close behind him saying,
"Please wait for me, my son".

He scooped up Johnny in his arms,
and the tears began to flow.
Johnny said "Daddy you can't leave me,
for I'll never let you go".

"My son, do you think I want to leave you,
for that just isn't so".
"Oh how I would give anything,
if I didn't have to go".

"Johnny, once I am gone,
even though you can't see me".
"Look deep inside your heart,
that's where I'll always be".

"I'll always think about you,
and never will I be, to far".
"For in the sky when you look at night,
I will be the brightest star".

"And when it rains and pours,
from Heaven up above".
"It will be my teardrops,
showering you, with all my love".

"I know it isn't fair,
that my time with you is short".
"If you could do this for me,
it would really help me sport".

"Please give me a big bright smile",
as he wiped a tear away.
"In Heaven, I'll wait for you,
and together we will be someday".

It's been twenty years now,
and Johnny still goes to their fishing hole.
With his small son beside him,
holding his grandfather's fishing pole.

"Son I will teach you everything,
that my daddy, had taught me".
"I wish you could have met him,
there was no finer fishermen, than he".

That day it didn't matter,
if they didn't catch anything at all.
For they were making memories,
they could look back upon and recall.

Johnny with tears in his eyes,
looked up towards Heaven above.
"Daddy no matter what,
you, I'll always love".

For now, it's just me and my son,
but someday I'm praying and wishing.
That in Heaven we will get the chance,
and all together we will be,
Goin' Fishin'

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
April ~ 4 ~ 2006


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"Goin' Fishin" © Tom Sierak

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Music: "The Wind Beneath My Wings"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission