~ An Hour With You~


God I See You

God I see You in the green of life.
The trees that sway as You whistle
In the breeze through their leaves
The grass that grows under my feet
And the smell of a rainy day.

God I see You in the birds that fly
With wings that soar like You have
Freed them from heaven to sing in
Joy like angels.

God I see You in the briny sea, where
Yonder horizons meet Your heavenly
Realm. The waves roar Your name and
Crash with power of life against the shore.

God I see You in the harmony of the
Spirit that is clear as a summer night
When the stars and moon shine Your
Light over the earths crust.

God I see You in the mountains where
Snowy glaciers hold secret of life and
Death. And the wonder of such beauty
Of the world that Thou hast made.

Joyce Gale© 2006




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