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Music: "Hope"

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God....Bless Us In This New Year

Thinking about the New Year
Making some resolutions too
Made me wonder about your Lord
What... Would you have me do

Should I be kinder to my Brother
Trying to help, each day
Not leave it for another.....
Ignoring, and going my way

Should I try to be more attentive
By reading and living your word
Spreading the news about you
To those that havenít heard

Could I do something special
For the elderly or the lame
Spreading love and kindness
Doing it all in.... Your Name

I feel sure, there is something
That I can begin.....Anew
Bringing hope and happiness
Trying to be more like you

So help me Lord along the way
Guide me to follow...Your path
Help me keep Thy commandments
Not to bring upon me, your wrath

God, bless us, in this New Year
Cause.....Each and everyone
To walk in light and brightness
Giving glory to .....Your Son!

©Judith Johnson Kypta