~ An Hour With You~


As I lay in bed this morning,
The sunshine beamed through,
An open crack in the blind,
Beauty is the first thought,
That entered my sleepy mind.

I thought of God's creations,
The beauty taken for granted,
We have it all around us each day,
Yet fail to really stop and think,
How God has blessed us in this way.

The world would be e'er so bland,
No roses growing along the trellis,
Tulips and lilies we would not know,
Beautiful landscapes we could not view,
If it were not for God's beauteous show.

I jump from the bed and look out the window,
I see trees leafed in the deepest green,
Beds of flowers in an array of different hues,
Blessings I have often taken for granted,
Now thanking God for His beauty imbues.

Help me precious Heavenly Father,
To remember things made by Your hands,
Giving gratitude for every living thing,
They are all of Your design of creation,
Part of the blessings Your love brings.

Gayle Davis©
March 3, 2006


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