~An Hour With You~

God's Beautiful Creation

Have you ever studied the stars at night,
As you glanced deep into the sky,
Have you ever wandered far above,
Where heaven’s splendor lie....

Have you ever noticed the birds that sing,
And also notice the church bells ring,
Or felt the patter of falling rain,
As you stroll slowly down the lane....

Have you ever noticed the beauty,
Or just listened, and hear not a sound,
Such sweet, sweet peace and such delight,
To watch the stars that twinkle at night….

Take time for a moment just to look around,
You will see such beauty as never been found,
Then raise your voice so loud in the air,
And thank the Lord for placing you here....

Ann Hart©


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Music: "All Things Bright And Beautiful"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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