~ An Hour With You~

We meet among the flowers,
Stick them all in our hair,
Giggle at the way we look,
With a youthful girlish flair.

Come to my house today,
Can you stay thru the night?
Surely once our moms talk,
Everything will be alright.

Bring your favorite dolly,
Oh, we can our secrets share,
Try on each others clothes,
And braid one another's hair.

We can talk about the things we do,
But shhh we don't want mom to listen,
Some of the escapades we do,
Would surely cause a switchin'.

Remember that big ole frog,
Tommy caught one night,
We turned it loose in granny's bed,
Causing her such a fright?

The time Jamie's daddy,
Went to the smelly outhouse,
We made noises in the bushes,
Sending his dad in a state of rouse.

Oh those times were so funny,
The things we have done,
Our friendship will last forever,
And always be filled with fun.

The years have treated us kindly,
God blessed these Friends forever,
Always there from early youth,
Treasured friendships will not sever.

We now have children of our own,
Grandkids added to the crowd,
We can talk and reminisce,
Of shenanigans we're still proud.

When it comes time to turn in,
After traveling memory's road,
We're not surprised if we find,
Young Tommy's big ole toad.

Gayle Davisİ
27 April 2006


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Music: "A Beautiful Friendship"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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