~ An Hour With You~

There is blessed freedom in my heart,
It floods throughout my very soul,
I have found a new life in Jesus,
I am reaping joys untold.

Freedom from wrongs I'd committed,
Freedom from the bondage of sin,
My world is glowing in brightness,
Since I let my dear Savior in.

Shackles have fallen from me,
Unlocked by the pure love of God,
From this day forward always,
In the path of Jesus I'll trod.

Freedom in knowing that Heaven is mine,
Jesus paid all cost for me and you,
My heart is constantly overflowing,
I dwell in His love forever true.

Freedom, sweet freedom I claim you,
In the name of sweet Jesus my Lord,
I will follow You forever,
Guided by the roadmap of Your word.

Gayle Davis©
18 February 2006

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Music: " Forever After"

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