~ An Hour With You~

A flash back in my memory,
takes me back in time.
To a love that I once cherished,
and for awhile you were mine.

How you captured my attention,
and when I first looked into your eyes.
With my heart beating faster,
I felt the flutter of butterflies.

I knew right then and there,
that you had stolen my heart.
A place in my life,
you would become a part.

It was all that I hoped and wished for,
when I would hear you say.
That you would love me forever,
and together, we would be someday.

I thought I had everything,
for you, there was nothing I wouldn't do.
But some where along the way,
I lost your love, and you.

When we were together,
I thought our love was strong.
I don't know or understand,
how I could have been so wrong.

There was a time in my life,
that you were all, that I ever dreamed of.
But now your just a memory to me, of
Forgotten Love.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey


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Music: "The Way We Were"

Sequenced By Jack Hall©
Used With Permission