~An Hour

With You~               


For Us He Died

The streets were busy with chatter
Some saying "Kill Him,"
others, "For what matter?"
Confusion and mayhem was rampant
Mixed emotions, wanting to know,
what will happen.

He was born of a virgin,
taught by God himself...
Roaming the countryside,
gathering help.
There were those
who called Him " Fisher of Men"
And those that listened to Him,
as He became their friend.

His disciples were chosen
one by one,
Some had to ask forgiveness
to follow the Son.
Covering a hillside,
listening with such intent,
While thousands were drawn..
by His words to "REPENT"

Healing the blind,
crippled and possessed
His following was so great,
sin digressed.
But the heretics would have Him,
and He knew the day
That His life on earth
would be taken away.

He knelt in Gethsemane,
sweating drops of blood
Pleading with the Father,
"Please pass this cup"
But, alas, He knew...
that His death was planned
And that He would be..
Sacrificed to save man.

The cross was His to bear,
His blood will spill that day
The Father knew, to deliver the world,
there was no other way.
Between two thieves,
His crumpled body would be
They nailed His hands and feet...
to the cruel tree.

As His Son took upon himself
all the sins of mankind,
He had to turn His face away from Him
for the very first time.
Jesus blood absorbed.....
the abominations of the world
He took our place,
and gave us the gift.......
we couldn't afford.

The dark clouds....
overshadowed the crowd
Lightening flashed,
the earth shook,
and it thundered loud.
The skies burst open
as Jesus dropped his head
And spoke the words,
"It's finished",
and our Lord was dead.

Eternal life to all he gave
that day on Calvary's tree
He shed his blood...
and gave his life,
But on the third day,
the massive stone...
had been rolled away.
And our Lord had RISEN,

Shirley Barrę
March 6, 2005
All Rights Reserved
Revised March 14, 2006

Luke 24: 7
...The Son of Man must
be delivered into the hands
of sinful men, and be crucified,
and the third day rise again.


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Music: "Beneath The Cross Of Jesus"
Joyful Noise Music
Performed By: Joy Hardin
Used With Permission