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For Me He Died

Upon a wooden Cross,
On the hill of Calvary,
My precious Lord died,
To set this sinner free.

His Blood stained the Cross,
He was wounded by ungodly hands,
Though brutally scourged,
His love lessened not for man.

Yes, He cried out to God,
In the deepest of agony,
"Father, if it be possible,
Let this cup pass from Me"!

He faced His fate sorrowfully,
Saddened He walked to the hill,
The sins of the world upon Him,
He followed His Father's will.

I am so unworthy of His life,
The blood that was spilled for me,
Yet through His loving sacrifice,
With Him, I will live for eternity.

I love You blessed Jesus,
In my heart You'll always be,
Thank You for the sacrifice,
Upon the Cross that set me free.

Gayle Davis©
13 March 2006

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Music: "The Ballad of the Cross"

By Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Copyright © 1997
by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission