~ An Hour With You~

Our sweet Jesus, betrayed and forsaken,
as it had been already....foretold.
Disbelief from so many, of the miracle,
that was in place, ready to unfold.

Held in prison they said, because of untruthfulness,
and for the teachings of God and the healings to all fellowmen.
Saving the lost souls, of the sinners,
so a new life, they could begin.

After standing the trial.... the judgment,
you were condemned to death, upon, a heavy wooden cross.
And burdened down with all their worldly sins,
the repentance.... your life, it would cost.

Spat upon, stoned, whipped and tortured,
as you painfully, made your way to a hill.
On Calvary, the place where you would hang,
until, you were lifeless and still.

Weakened, and falling upon your knees,
along the way, as you staggered and stumbled.
Yet knowing....what was to come,
you wavered forward, submissive and humbled.

You a victim, to the sinners wrath,
upon a cross, they nailed, and crucified you.
Yet to your Father you asked for their forgiveness,
"For they know....not what they do".

Heartbroken, fearful and weeping,
all of the righteous prayed.
While others scoffed in mockery,
their ignorance....openly portrayed.

"How do you like your Jesus now", the sinners laughed,
with the cross raised....waiting for you to die.
Helpless and nothing the righteous could do,
but kneel, at your feet and cry.

They yelled at you, "Save yourself"
like you, had done to some".
And a strange darkness had covered the land,
as you hung there, waiting, for your death to come.

When death came, you hung there lifeless,
with a crown of thorns upon your head.
From the sinners, out rang cheers so callas and ruthless,
and no pity, to all the blood you had shed.

Battered, bruised and beaten,
blood stains upon your skin.
Little....did they know,
the power....hidden within.

Tenderly, and with loving care,
off the cross, the righteous took you.
Gently they wrapped you within, linen cloth,
for this, was the last thing for you they could do.

The final place where you would rest,
among the rocks, inside a tomb.
Blocked, with a heavy stone,
the entrance....to the room.

Upon your death on the third day,
at the tomb, the stone had rolled aside.
No Jesus to be found, but an angel,
who was waiting, all alone inside.

"Go forth and tell the people"
this the angel, had said.
"Jesus no longer lies here,
for he lives....he is not dead!"

Without sin....Jesus with his blood spotless,
and unblemished was his skin.
The only thing, that could wash away,
all of the worldly sin.

He has set us, all free,
and if we, are willing, to abide.
In Heaven, we will have everlasting life,
and be forever....at his side.

On this Easter Day, that we have been so blessed with,
reflect back upon that day, so many decades ago,
When God sacrificed Jesus, his only Son,
For He Loved Us So.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
April ~ 8 ~ 2006©

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"Tuyo Soy"(I Am Yours)

English & Spanish Words, Music, and Arr. by
Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright © 1999 and MIDI sequence
(P) 1999 Lawrence Keith Holder
Used With Permission