~ An Hour With You~

Eagle Fly....
Fly with desire, fly with care.
Cast lovingly upon your wing,
To The Creator, you carry my prayer.

Fly prudent, fly wise.
Beneath your mighty wings,
The wind caresses, and you rise.
Fly with purity, fly with grace.

Far beyond the pale blue sky,
You soar, to a higher place.
Fly effortlessly, fly strong.
To The Heavens, your destination,
It's time to journey on.

Fly with dignity, fly with pride.
You hold the gifts of power and wisdom,
Doubts and fears, all cast aside.
Fly loyal, fly true.

From forefathers of ageless time,
This honor, bestowed upon you.
Fly with love, fly with passion.
For you a small soul,
The Creator filled with great compassion.

Eagle fly,
Hear my heartfelt plea.
Spread your sacred wings,
Fly High, Fly Free.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
May ~ 1 ~ 2006

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Music: "Candle In The Wind"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission