~ An Hour With You~


Finding My Way Back


When I came to Jesus
I was weary, worn, and sad
My heart was very bitter,
My thoughts were very bad.

I never thought Id love again
My heart was gone so cold,
But I have found a joy and peace
Since Jesus saved my soul.

I let go of all my hatred
And scars I carried for years
And the tears of bitterness I carried
Now are happy tears.

The road is still not easy
For I suffer pain each day,
But through it all I have sweet peace
Since Jesus came my way.

In His hands I put my trust
When the storms do come my way,
For I know He really loves me
And Hes in my heart to stay.

Ann Hart
Jan 3rd, 2002
NFLD Canada


Music: "Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God"
Courtesy Of Fred