~ An Hour With You~

Sparkling Fairy Dust

Beautiful green dressed Fairy
Flying just about the ground
Sprinkling bits of Fairy Dust
Upon the flowers on the ground

Waking up all the lovely flowers
In beautiful colors pink, blue
Yellow, white and the color orange
With sweet smelling aromas exploding

For spring is just around the corner
Children playing out in the sun
Laughing and giggling kicking up
The Fairy Dust having lots of fun

For Children love the beauty
Of the glistening Fairy Dust
That the tiny green dressed Fairy
Sprinkles on the flowers and the ground

©Donna Kramer
March 18, 2006

Quote: Jesus' eyes are like Fairy Dust
They sparkle all the time
With Love and Beauty


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Music: Birds, Bees And Pretty Butterflies

Elton Smith and Christine Goglin
Permission Granted

©October 14, 1999