~ An Hour With You~


Dream Slayers

What sayeth from the souls of these,
I call the slayers of dreams.
Jealousy hardening their hearts,
Blinding them from hope of what may be.

To live a life breathless,
Giving fuel to the lifeless,
Whom take the dreams of the innocent,
Slaying them due to their own envy and greed.

Children of dreams, I say this to you,
Fear not they whom cast doubt upon your dreams,
For they whom cast doubt will never believe,
They live life empty, casting only disease.

Seek out that special star to wish upon,
Believing in what may be.
For if you want it bad enough,
Your faith shall set you free.

For within all of us is a special dream,
God planted from the time of seed,
Giving us all the ability to dream,
Knowing without dreams we would cease to be.

September Rose©

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Art Work © By Corey Wolfe

Music: "You Raise Me Up"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission