~ An Hour With You~

Don't look back upon the years,
It will bring such gloom and tears,
For Christ the Lord, took your place,
We'll lean upon Jesus, 'til we see His face.

We'll dwell upon His love and care,
I'll think of all He has done for me,
He heals my hurt and dries my tears,
He is God, He loves me tenderly.

He was rejected, abused and hurt,
He understands our tears and pain,
He views you and I, as His Masterpiece,
He'll stay near 'til, He comes to reign.

For God has said just look to Me,
The cross is empty to set you free,
I gave My all so you could have,
A home in heaven when home at last.

I've always loved you, Oh so much,
I give to you My loving touch,
So you would know that I am near,
To love and catch that falling tear.

If you wonder why I love my Lord,
It is because of His love He sends,
He is my shelter, I'll stay near His wing,
I'll praise Him for what life may bring.

Bernice Wardİ 2005


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Music: "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
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