~ An Hour With You~

Jesus walked alone in the garden to pray,
knowing one trusted friend would betray.
Armed soldiers arrived to make an arrest,
Judas greeting his teacher with one quest.

Noticeably appearing in front of the rest,
so if seen no other apostle would protest.
An indication of the one they would seek,
was Judas placing a kiss upon His cheek.

Thirty pieces of silver paid was the price,
this disciple offered Jesus up in sacrifice.
Six trials Jesus soon was going to endure,
His guilt something people would ensure.

Tied to a post and stripped of all clothes,
upon a barren back forty crushing blows.
Leather thongs made with bone and lead,
this flogging continued while Jesus bled.

Early in the morn battered and bruised,
they continue the jeering of the accused.
On His shoulders a robe is put in place,
mocking, then striking Jesus in the face.

A crown of thorns fixed upon His head,
the crown hit with a stick until He bled.
Across Jesus shoulders the cross is tied,
Not able to carry it although Jesus tried.

His travel through Jerusalem is complete,
nails driven deep into His hands and feet.
Into Jesus warm heart they thrust a spear,
bleeding profusely now, death soon near.

Mary weeping when her son is crucified,
Soldiers and priests watch as Jesus died.
Jesus died on a wooden cross at Calvary,
sacrificing His life, to set all sinners free.

Brenda Sparkman
March 21, 2006


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Music: "Hear My Prayer"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright by

Used with permission.
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