~ An Hour With You~


Colored Eggs

I've been waiting all year long,
and Easter's finally here.
Now it's time for me to go,
a-hunting far and near.

With empty basket clutched in my hands,
determination on my mind.
I embark upon my mission,
with high hopes, to seek and find.

Chocolate rabbits, chicks and eggs,
and all of those yummy sweets.
I've been searching high and low,
for all those special treats.

I've checked in the back yard,
and I've looked up and down the streets.
But no matter how hard I searched,
I've only found defeat.

Here I stand with my basket empty,
and to you, Easter Bunny, I beg,
Fill my basket with rabbits of chocolate,
and could you throw in a few,
Colored Eggs.

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey

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Tubes purchased from
Jane's Country Tole Art

Music: "They All Aks'd For You"
Midi arrangement by Alan Marchand
Copyright 2005, copyright assigned
to Backtalk Unlimited.
All rights reserved.
For permissions, please contact