~ An Hour With You~


  I watch from the doorway,
As you kneel in reverend prayer,
The words spoken from your lips,
Are childish, plain and without flair.

I listen to the way you speak,
Knowing deep inside my heart,
The words you are saying now,
Are learned from words I impart.

I kneel outside your door,
To the Lord I bare my soul,
Asking for His guidance to lead,
As my parental path unfolds,

Please let the words spoken,
From the little child on bended knee,
Be a great blessing spreading in life,
Showing God's love for others to see.

I know the way I live before him,
Will reflect in the words of prayer,
Let me be an asset to You my Lord,
Living inside the realm of Your care.

Gayle Davis©
16 December 2005


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Music: "Lullaby Of Hope 2"

Original Songs by MidiSandy
copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission