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Cherished Tears

Iíve been told that the Lord catches
my tears in a bottle
I wonder why He would do that.

Tears fall like rain, in torrents of pain,
From the souls of the lost and forsaken.
They raise their arms high and cannot deny
The mistakes that they have been making.

Their burdened back can not resist
The attack that persists
That Satan has heaped upon them.
Bitter, tormented tears for all of the years
And the sin that now they condemn.

Dare they try to reach up to the Lord up above
And beg for His Peace and His Comfort?
Does His Word not bestow on All Creatures Below
His Merciful Grace~~~and a place of last resort?

The soul just a token, they lay prostrate and broken,
They pray to the Lord~~~~ and He hears!!!
Imagine the size of the bottle Jesus must throttle
As He gathers up all of those Cherished Tears.


Psalms 56: 8 KJV
Thou tellest my wanderings:
Put thou my tears into thy bottle:
Are they not in thy book?



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Music: "Tears In Heaven"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission