~ An Hour With You~ 

Cherished Moments

Rest your eyes my little one
as I whisper a lullaby.
For it is time for sleep
hush now don't you cry.

Sheltered within my loving arms
you will always be.
As you drift into sweet slumber
the face of innocence I see.

Your love for me unspoken
I can see within your eyes.
Holding you so close to me
you coo a soft contented sigh.

My whole life built around you
my heart warmed like the sun.
You are my all my everything
my precious little one.

Endless is my love for you
right from the very start.
These cherished treasured moments
forever etched within my heart.

Elizabeth Ann Bushey



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"Cherished Moments" by Greg Olsen

Set by Designer Lady

Music: "And I Love You So"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission