~ An Hour With You~

Please look my child Iím aging,
I wonít be here for long,
I start to hear God calling,
And my body is not strong.

For I am soon to leave you,
So just take me by the hand,
And Iíll know that you are with me,
Just like our God has planned.

It is my body that youíre seeing,
That will just fade away,
But my soul will live forever,
To see another day.

Do not cry for me my dear one,
For peace comes with belief,
And the last thing that I want to do,
Is to fill your heart with grief.

Youíre young and look so lonely,
And I do show my age,
But that is what has been set for us,
To leave our own lifeís stage.

So please I do just ask you,
To hear what I do say,
That all I want from you dear one,
Is to know that you do pray.

Yes, now I hear them calling,
My God, and those from my past,
So pray for me my sweet child,
As I am fading fast.

But itís my body that will wither,
And my spirit does live on,
So recall my spirit often,
Even though my bodyís gone.

Dark Blue Knight
20th Feb 2006
All Rights Reserved.















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Music: "Tuyo Soy" (I Am Yours)

English & Spanish Words, Music, and Arr. by
Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright © 1999 and MIDI sequence
(P) 1999 Lawrence Keith Holder