~ An Hour With You~

Broken Wings

Beautiful Angel with Broken Wings
Gathering pain from throughout the world
Wrapping it gently in her beautiful wings
To ease the pain in the soft fluffy down

Children unprotected lost and alone
Crying, hungry, sad and forlorn
Babies destroyed before they are born
Please, Mommy, Daddy let me be born

Elderly people left on their own
No one to care, no one even phones
Waiting in hope, that someone will care
Hoping, praying God will take them home

Teen age children lost and forsaken
Wondering if there is hope for their lives
Some taking their lives, to ease the pain
To stop the hurt, confusion, loneliness

Sweet gentle Angel with broken wings
Wrapping the sorrow of the world
Gently in her beautiful downy fluffy wings
Hoping for peace and love on the earth

Praying someday to get back her wings
So she can fly in all her heavenly glory
Flying freely among all Godís children
Showering everyone with Godly love

©Donna Kramer
February 14, 2006





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Music: Annie's Song

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted