~ An Hour With You~

Beauty Of The Night

Peace and quietness in the evening
Just before the beauty of the night
Twinkling stars, sparkling and bright
Lighting up the loveliness of the sky

Sounds of quietness and peace
Surrounding every single home
Children sleeping safe and sound
In the safety of their rooms

Mommy and Daddy’s spending time alone
Planning their futures and their lives
In the serenity of their homes
Protected by the Beauty Of  The Night

Lovers all alone surrounded by their love
Watching the sparkling stars in the twilight
Planning their love and future lives
In the beauty, the beauty of the night

Grandma and Grandpa’s sweet memories
Love filled evenings all alone
Reminiscing about their loved ones
In the beauty, the beauty of the night

©Donna Kramer
Sept 17, 2005


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Music: A Moment Like This

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted


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