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Beautifulís Love Together

Love is wonderfully beautiful,
When two in love realize,
Their souls are one and joined forever,
When blessed by God in His eyes.

Love is gentle yet so powerful,
Ever loving each other,
Tender whisperings and sweet stirrings,
Beautifulís love together.

Love is thoughtful looking up to each,
Esteeming one another,
Honoring highly as sent by God,
Beautifulís love together.

Love is romantic and heavenly,
As God deemed for each other,
Surging through the heart and soul love lives,
Beautifulís love together.

Love is wonderfully beautiful,
In gentle words, loveís soft touch,
Sweet perfumes scent lovesí enduring vows,
As Godís blessing is so much.

©Sondra McPherson
15 December 2005

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