~ An Hour With You~

Be Strong In The Lord

Yes, storms will still roar around us
But our God is still near,
And with Jesus as our shepherd,
We never need to fear.

What a wonderful God, when trials comes
Who do we turn to? What do we say,
It's Jesus we find with arms opened wide,
I'm here, My Child, right by your side.

He knows each time the sparrow falls
Sometimes its wings do break,
Each time we find ourselves hurting,
Always to Jesus our hurt we can take.

Jesus today looks down upon your life
Each kindness you do, just pleases His heart,
Be strong and courageous in all you do,
Jesus is with you, He will see you through.

The good life is peace that comes from above
He shows us daily with His tender Love,
We need to grow strong, and depend upon Him,
Each new day, sweet blessings He sends.

Bernice Ward©

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Music: "Only A Prayer Away"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission


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