~An Hour With You~

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I felt the warm brush of Angels
Oh what joy just filled my soul,
Angels left heaven's window open,
And the blessings begin to flow.

Through the hustle of my day
As the birds were softly singing,
It filled my heart with His love,
I felt God's blessings from above.

As I lift my thanks to heaven
God's presence lingered near,
He whispers, Child, Hold unto me,
I hear your fervent prayer.

I'm holding unto my Jesus
He is holding fast to me,
God's blessings will continue to fall,
And roll all over me.

From God's throne a light does shine
To warm my heart and soul,
God looks beyond my faults and fears,
Angels stops by to dry my tears.

The waves are rolling do step in
Come follow in God's footsteps
He is at your side, He will abide,
Come in my Child, and rest awhile.

©Bernice Ward 2006

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Music: "Serenaded By Angels"
Sequenced by: David Larch
Used With Permission


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