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Angelic Flight

In a dream I saw the angels standing round
Not a tear to be found
Oh how happy they seemed to be
Whose soul will they bear away
When will your soul be required of thee?

When will we go to glory
The land of happy and free
Oh when will we take that morning flight
First class where there's no night
Oh, Jesus will You fly with me?

We'll sing and fly with the angels
We'll soar as never before
On clouds of heavenly glory
I want to be found with Thee
Oh, Jesus will You fly with me?

I know we will walk on the street of gold
And I believe my hand You will hold
And in my mansion I'll be so free
Oh, Jesus can we fly together
Jesus will You come and fly with me?

In this land my heart is often filled with sorrow
Your way to heaven I want to follow
Jesus it's You I long to see
When I fly in glory with the angels
Oh, Jesus will You sweetly fly with me?

When the gates of pearl opens
And I enter heaven's land
And again I'll see the angel band
Will You answer my one plea
Oh, Jesus will You fly with me?

I know I'll be satisfied
With my loved ones again I'll be
Dear family will you know me
What a glorious time it will be
Oh, Jesus will You come and fly with me?

What a beautiful site it will be
With everyone's robe flowing of purest white
With their halos glowing so bright
In flight as angels we'll be
Oh, Jesus will You fly with me
Will You take my hand and fly with me?

©Danna Robinette

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Music: "Angel"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission