~ An Hour With You~

Sweet little angels,
High on a cloud,
Sharing kisses,
Hearts beating loud.

Precious angels,
Smiles all aglow,
Spreading love,
Where e'er you go.

Darling little angels,
So deeply in love,
Cute little babies,
On the clouds above.

Halos atop heads,
Rose and paper heart,
Sharing your treasures,
Each gives a part.

Skies clear all 'round,
Sun shining brightly,
Love grows fast,
Hearts wound tightly.

Special little angels,
So much in love,
God bless these angels,
Keep them safe above.

Gayle Davis ©
24 January 2006


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Music: "Kaitlyne's Song-"Special Angels" "

The Music Of M. C. Shelly
Written, Arranged and
Performed By: M. C. Shelly©
Used With Permission



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