~ An Hour With You~

Angel Friends

Friends are our Angels
They so often brighten our day,
We are surrounded with gifts from above,
Then we feel warm with God's kind of Love.

Many times we feel all alone
No one to talk or listen,
When you feel there is no one to go to,
Always remember! God cares for you.

Sometimes we get an Angel in disguise
We see that caring look in their eye's,
What a treasure we do find,
Angels always so loving and kind.

Angels watch out for us day and night
Making sure everything is alright,
They are special, we find them everywhere,
Always near to help that falling tear.

Angels bring sunshine when you're down
Whispers that prayer and stays around,
May you always have an angel at your side,
Trust in God always, In His love we hide.

Angels are our strength when we are weak
Lift our faith, encourage us to believe,
Angels are watching every step we take,
Looking out for us each move we make.

I wish you rainbows after every storm
God's love and peace to keep you warm,
The love of angel wings to share,
Angel friends will always care.

Bernice Ward © 2004


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Music: "Angel Whispers"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission
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