~ An Hour With You~



Heavenly Father, I am but a fallen angel
who has fallen from Your grace.
With head held down no longer can,
I look upon Your holy face.

Ashamed and so unworthy,
a waste of Your precious time.
Drowning in self pity
is this sorrowful heart of mine.

My lifeless soul is shattered
and my once free spirit broken.
Words of hope, joy and love
are no longer spoken.

With emptiness inside of me
no longer am I complete.
Let me rest my weary head
as I humbly fall before Your feet.

My light no longer shines within
how I wish that it could be.
If You could find it in Your heart
to love and forgive me.

My face cupped within Your hands
head raised, You look into my eyes.
You say, My child, now don't you fret,
for I want you to realize.

That I will always love you
and I will always care.
Your light will shine once more again
and My grace with you I'll share.

Your soul I shall make whole again
and your spirit I will set free.
Love, hope and joy you'll know
and forgiveness I give thee.

Now dry your tears My precious child
all of my blessings I give to you.
Open up your overflowing heart
for you shall start

Elizabeth Ann Bushey

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Art used with permission of
Isaura Simon

Music: "You Raise Me Up"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission