~ An Hour With You~

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When you look into a sunless sky,
Stripped colorless with a faint haze,
Look way up high overwhelm the eye,
And talk to God while in a daze.

The uncolored hazy sky varies,
Naturally God seeks to bless you,
Hear God’s voice close He ne’er tarries,
And talk to God ‘cause you love too.

Be amazed to see a brightness ‘round,
Overcome the dull misty day,
Savor the love of God who gives sound,
And talk to God in your own way.

Visible light suddenly imbues,
Even too see the rainbow skies,
Peek thru as the sun glints brighter hues,
And talk to God thru all your sighs.

Feel His warm radiance spill o’er you,
Because He cares for you He'll hear,
Listen closely watch shadows subdue,
And talk to God He's always near.

When you look into a sunless sky,
A gloomy grayness seeks to stew,
Yet when you put your sights way up high,
And talk to God, He comes in view.

©Sondra McPherson
15 February 2006

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Music: "Because He Cares"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission


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