~ An Hour With You~

A Whispered Cry


A whispered cry for you always,
Looms in my heart bringing you near,
Long lonely nights seeing your face,
To me belongs memory’s tear.

Wavering winds rent carelessly,
A whispered cry forever looms,
And the memory of you fades,
As a love never again blooms.

A whispered cry haunts to anguish,
Gone awry is love once beaming,
When two hearts were closer than one,
Alone’s my memory screaming.

As night’s heavenly lights appear,
Is a whispered cry passing by,
Is the memory of you close,
Belonging once was your love nigh.

A whispered cry looms in spirit,
Breathing deep woes of love to me,
How misery quenches all life,
In love’s memory use to be.

©Sondra McPherson
24 March 2006


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Music: "Memory"
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