~ An Hour With You~

A Temporary Journey

Time is only like a moment,
Each day is like a breeze.
We see it in the things that move,
But then it soon will leave.

A day in time is no more than a visit,
Through a sad and troubled land.
But Jesus is Alpha and Omega,
The beginning and the end.

When we finish with this temporary journey,
And live with God on high,
It will be a life in glory,
Where we shall never die.

We’ll walk those streets of glory,
Down streets of purest gold,
And every day with Jesus,
The glory of God we shall behold.

When I get to those pearly gates,
And Jesus says come in.
I’ll walk those streets of gold,
With no one less than Him.

I now can see His out-stretched arms,
As He welcomes me within.
He’ll put a new robe around me,
For He has covered all my sins.

Don’t waste your time on frivolous things,
They’re not worth all your time.
For nothing I possess on earth,
Is never really mine.

I want to send my treasures on to heaven,
Where they will have good care.
For all I send ahead of me,
When I get home, will still be there.

Love, Joy, peace and contentment,
In a place where I shall never die,
And I will be with loved ones once again,
And we shall rejoice together, God ,my family, and I.

Faye Reyenga ©
4 / 6 / 2006


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