~ An Hour With You~

A song for you soars the heavens,
And a warm glowing light beams,
In my heart rocketing higher,
As thrills of love come in dreams.

At the sound of your voice I hear,
In my heart a song for you,
And Iím climbing to heights beyond,
Sensing with you a love true.

A song for you plays tenderly,
As light glows render loveís blush,
And I feel a sweet gentle you,
In a soft whispering hush.

Just the sound of your voice gives chills,
In my heart for you I sigh,
Reaching for the warmth of your arms,
In another world am I.

A song for you in my heart lives,
A love for you does exist,
Heaven only knows my heart flies,
So high in dreams of your kiss.

©Sondra McPherson
16 March 2006

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Music: "A Song For You"
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