~ An Hour With You~

A Ninnie's Grandson

If only I could tell you,
Just how much you mean to me,
I'd write it out on lovely scrolls,
For all the world to see.

A Ninnie can't describe,
The love a grandchild brings,
There's not words in the dictionary,
To tell how much he means.

I remember the day,
I tried to start the mower,
I pulled and tugged,
It turned not over.

With nerves on edge,
No breath left over,
1 heard a little voice,
Ninnie, I can start the mower.

I turned to walk away,
No patience left in me,
Only just to learn,
How wrong I could be.

I turned with shame from doubting him,
Not giving him the chance,
To show me just how smart he is,
I had to change my glance.

The mower was purring like a kitten,
And oh, what guilt I felt,
That I refused his chance,
Before I turned and left.

Faye Reyengaİ
January 6, 2001

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