~ An Hour With You~

I heard You tell me to look up,
I believed with an awe to hear,
Yes Lord I知 listening to You,
You are my protection so dear.

I think back to those dire moments,
I love You, Thank You so much too,
You and Your angels ushered me,
Yes Lord I知 listening anew.

Chilling are these times we live in,
Not knowing of looming dangers,
Yes Lord I知 listening right now,
Your angels at times are strangers.

I keep You in prayer Sweet Lord,
For without You I wouldn稚 be,
You guide me each and every day,
Yes Lord I知 listening closely.

Remember Lord when You told me,
As fast as possible just leave,
Yes Lord I知 listening to You,
You池e my protection, I believe.

I hear You speaking to me now,
I値l love and follow You each day,
Oh Yes Lord I知 listening so,
I will always do as You say.

ゥSondra McPherson
November 5, 2005




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Music: "The Prayer"
Redsal's Midis
Josh Gorban Album
Written by David Foster & Carol Bayer Sega
Sequenced By: Redsal
ゥ Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
Musician, Composer, Digital Sequencer
Used With Permission


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